Winner Casino’s Winners File

Winner Casino, currently one of the largest and most successful online casinos announced big winners. And we all look forward to a continued winning list from this casino!

While playing a slot called Great Blue, Thao D had nothing to be blue about with winnings of AUD 5,185! The game offers you 5 reels with 25 paylines and a dive in the depths of the ocean with features ensuring that this adventure will be profitable. The features offer scatters, wilds and bonuses. This game is generous and once the hunt for pearls begins you will be set off to a winning start with free spins. Great Blue is a non-progressive slot with a maximum Jackpot Bonus of $500,000.

Christmas came early this year for this player currently only known as Artem,N, when he/she received a gift of EUR4,132 as an early Christmas gift from Santa Surprise Double. This game offers a 5 reel 20 payline, non-progressive game with interactive bonus game, free spins and a Jackpot paying a maximum win to $200,000. The bonus game offered allows you to choose the gifts you most want to unwrap and the gifts reveals cash bonuses!

A top notch experience is what Winners offers millions of winning players around the world. Gaming is fun with the wide variety of games on offer, including favourites from slots to card games and for the more advanced serious players they offer poker, blackjack and roulette. If real play is your preference, this is your casino offering live dealers. Winner offers great atmosphere and long waiting for poker tables to fill up is unheard off. Winner casino proudly offers players quality games from Playtech software.

Don’t miss out on the $350 Welcome Bonus now waiting for you at Winner Casino!

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