Spain considering the legalization of Online Slots

Spain, a destination gateway for most might just become more exciting for every tourist who goes to the country. The Spanish Gambling Regulator is meeting with the Spanish Government this Tuesday in order to discuss legalizing online slot machines within their country.

The meeting will be focused on discussing certain time frames where they could implement the games without disrupting the land based gambling industry in Spain. The two parties will also be discussing the technical requirements needed from future operators and procedures that need to me made in order to have these games licensed on a legal level.

This marks a major advancement for Spain as previously they have been turned off by the idea of online gambling, regardless of which kind it may be. The government in Spain is more than likely to legalize online slots as it will bring in mass amounts of tax revenue for the country. This in return can be used towards betting tourists zones and attractions within the country.

Spain also announced that Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain have been talking with one another. Officials from all three countries have been discussing player liquidity amongst the various casinos operated within the countries. As of right now Operators in Italy and Spain share played amongst one another, making profitability harder for everyone involved.

The Director behind the Agenzia Delee Dogan Dei Monopoli (Spanish Gambling Regulators) commented on the discussing saying, “We are in the preliminary process of potentially legalizing online slots within Spain. If this is to become possible we will now have to share player liquidity on a greater level as we will no longer just have operators located within our borders but we will be operating our own online gambling industry.”

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